Chains 1.2.6

Unique puzzle game with great music


  • Great music
  • Interesting graphics
  • Colorblind option
  • Keeps high score


  • Only 5 levels
  • Slows computer when open

Very good

Fancy 20 minutes of mesmerizing fun? If so, Chains is the game for you!

Attention-grabbing game play, cool music and funky graphics combine to make Chains a worthwhile download. The concept is simple - five levels where the aim is to link colored balls to achieve a goal such as connecting 15 in a row, maintaining the flow of a "river", or hitting a total of 331. There are three difficulty levels and even an option for colorblind players.

Chains has no slick animation or options for multiple players, but that doesn't mean that it is boring - far from it. Even though I was supposed to be testing, not playing, I kept going until the very end, and when it finished, I wanted more. The music, by Belgian band Silence, is very atmospheric, and the game play, which the makers tell us is physics-led, is exciting and strategic. Add that to the beautiful graphics and you have a captivating game that punches above its weight.

Chains - a simple but perfectly balanced strategy game.



Chains 1.2.6

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